27/01/16Landowners cash in on marquee weddings

Marquee weddings were traditionally held at private homes, for most of us this posed a problem, with only a 6 metre width between the neighbour’s fence line and a strategically placed fish pond to navigate this simply isn’t an option.

Fortunately rural landowners smelt an opportunity and with support from like-minded marquee operators, numerous rural sites are popping up in the venue market giving wedding couples increased choice and the chance to host their perfect bespoke wedding.

We at Blank Canvas have been working hard in the off season and scouting both Sussex & Hampshire for potential suitable sites, quite often all we need is a flat field preferably with a view or even a lake as a backdrop. Additional space for parking is essential and of course a friendly accommodating land owner.


Prices range from £1000 > £3000, this all depends on the site and what facilities are included. Most sites will need brought in power requirements & toilet facilities, some sites even include accommodation this can be either B&B or self-catering.

Watch this space as we look to introduce you to some new countryside marquee venues.

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