19/02/15Creating the right Impression…

Why is creating the right impression so important when producing an event?

Recently it seems more and more clients are examining every aspect of their event. For marquees it is everything from the material of the carpet to the chairs guests will sit on to dine or even the napkins and how they are presented on the table. Every one of these elements improves the guests overall impression of the event, if one item were not in keeping with the theme it could detract from the overall scene and ruin months or even years of well thought out planning.

If you’re looking for a relaxed, rustic theme for your event you may decide to choose coconut matting for your marquee flooring perhaps you would then tie this in with Hessian napkins, these can be bound neatly with sting and a luggage tag with each guest’s name stamped in bold, black ink. This would provide a great impression to guests showing the careful consideration of marrying in the rustic materials from floor to table top…

Wedding Hessian Napkins

Perhaps the style for your event is more modern and you want bold colours like fuchsia and teal, entering into a marquee with a beautiful neutral carpet with flashes of bright colour cascading from the ceiling would certainly have the wow factor; this coupled with handfuls of ribbon draped over each chair back and up lighters filling the walls and ceiling with colour . This would certainly show coherent planning and offers a refreshing impression to the guests

Bright Coloured Wedding Decoration Ideas

Not only have we seen the minor details become a major part of an event but even the furniture seems to play a huge part these days. With the above rustic look, why not ditch the white linen clothed tables and opt for a more natural wood trestle…

Vintage Wood Tables - Wedding with a Difference

Or for the modern celebration these beautiful ‘ghost’ chairs look fabulous for creating a (comfortable) WOW factor!

Ghost Chairs - Wedding with a Difference

Both the Ghost chairs and Wooden tables can be included within your quote so please do ask. You can also speak with our Theming Partners about any of the decorative elements mentioned their email address is